Vip Transfer

Save valuable time on your vacation and book a Delta Boats Rental cruise so you can get the most out of your vacation. Our high-speed, luxurious open boats can take you to and from all the islands of the Cyclades

We offer transfers for every occasion. Choose from a standard two-way or VIP shuttle service, which includes both a limousine and a sea taxi service.

Offer yourself the ultimate definition of luxury and convenience that a private boat transport can provide. Choose one of our inflatable boats to meet all your transportation needs from Athens & Piraeus in the fastest, safest, most luxurious & discreet way. If you want to move quickly, safely and in style to any island of your choice, Delta Boats Rental is here to make your wish come true. Avoiding the hassle of typical sea routes and forgetting queues at ports, especially during the summer season, with this service you can easily plan your schedule and improve the quality of your vacation. Drive fast and safely and make the most of every moment of your valuable time.