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Deltaboats Rental - Thermal springs around Kythnos

Thermal springs around Kythnos

In Kythnos, as in many islands of the Cyclades, there are thermal springs. Specifically in Kythnos there are at least two thermal baths. One of them is located in the area of the baths on the north-eastern side of Kythnos island, as an attraction of many tourists. This source of thermal baths with the name Kakavos, which is characterized as the most popular thermal baths of Kythnos.  These thermal springs contain iodide, chromium and sodium chloride with their temperature reaching up to 52 degrees Celsius. It is know that thermal waters are suitable for the treatment of gynecological diseases, rheumatic and arthritic. The baths of Kythnos are said to have been enjoyed by King Otto and Queen Amalia.

Delta Boats Rental

Delta Boats Rental is a Yacht & Tourist Service company that has been active in boat rental in the magnificent Kythnos for years. The Company owns privately owned vessels for every taste, and every need for every individual customer.

The vision, the desire, the love of the sea and the pleasure of exploring, led us to create Delta Boats Rental so that everyone can enjoy and enjoy the beauty of our country.

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