Boat Compass 165cc

The 165 CC is welcoming and functional, its design caters to every commander’s need. He or she can enjoy the sea with his family or friends, skiing or other watersports, and of course fishing with friends. The layout of the deck allows to move or fish around the boat, which is especially useful in most techniques.

When lying on his deck, we will notice several details that “testify” to the manufacturer’s taste. Rubber tires to secure and not to hit, handrails in the handrails between the command seat and the couch, stools behind the couch and other “small” all of which upgrades its already compact feel.

Video Compass 165cc

Characteristics. Compass 165cc

  • Total length 4,980m
  • Hull width 2,080m
  • Fuels 86L
  • Hull Length 4,950m
  • Weight (without engine) 500kg
  • Engine 50hp – 115hp
  • Total width 2,120m
  • Default Keel Draft 0,320m CE
  • Category C – 6 persons
  • Hull color white.
  • Central console.
  • Driver’s seat
  • Bow / stern / floor tabs.
  • Inox binders.
  • Navigation lights.
  • Self-aligning deck.
  • Inox bathroom staircase.
  • Inox recessed rollers.
  • Inox bow roller.
  • Built-in backup engine position.
  • 86 liter fuel tank.
  • You got a glass
  • Hull stripe coloring.
  • Sun awning.
  • Ice refrigerator.
  • Shower system.
  • Audio system.
  • Set of pillows (4 pieces).
  • Bow Deck / Sun Deck.
  • Inox bow rails.
  • Inox stern rails.
  • Cylinder Pump.
  • Electrical installation
  • Battery main switch.