Serifos - Kythnos Cruise

A cruise with the opportunity to explore 2 islands, overlooking the western side of Kythnos, and the neighboring but beautiful Serifos

10:00 Departure from Merichas
Embark on our state-of-the-art inflatable boats and enjoy the journey! Embrace your partner because one of the best experiences of your life has just begun. After about 50 Minutes of navigation with amazing sights we will reach Serifos.

11:00 Serifos
Stepping towards the castle, whitewashed houses are anchored to the edge of the cliffs. They cut to the east, slump, spill at the same time compact and fluid. They trace the footprints of the ancient land mentioned by Xenophon. The steps lead upwards and upwards to the incredible view of the port and the country of Serifos itself. Here the island becomes a company, as the tables are full of appetizers, raki, coffee drinks. A Cycladic Maze with whitewashed alleys, courtyards and bougainvilleas.

13:00 Reconstruction
It’s time to rebuild, we have more for you.

13:30 Psili Ammos Serifos Beach
Europe’s Best Beach in 2003. Throw in the sunshine Throw in the toys our boats provide, and enjoy a swim in one of the Cyclades’ most popular beaches. The large golden sandy beach, with no trace of pebbles and with many shady spots, has been loved by thousands of visitors and proclaimed Europe’s best beach in 2003. The landscape is exotic and at the same time dreamy when the lilacs emerge with their whitish blossoms. (Use Snorkelling, SUP, Drone, Go Pro)

15:30 Skilos beach
With a bow in the north we are headed by boat to the south-east side of the island of Kythnos. It has sand and white pebbles and its waters are such that make swimming a real pleasure (Snorkelling, S.U.P, Drone, Go Pro)

16:30 West Bays Experiences
We left your best for the end. Ally on the way back, the experienced skipper from
Deltaboats will guide you all over the west side of Kythnos

Agios Dimitrios

17:30 Arrival at Merichas

Cruise Facilities - All Inclusive

  • Cruises can be customized according to customer’s preferences
  • There is the option of Departure from your destination at an extra charge
  • Fuels are included in the price in pre-configured cruises
  • Already in cruises the boat includes Water, Soft drinks, Juice, Snacks, as well as marine equipment
  • Music
  • Sundeck
  • Bathroom staircase
  • Shower
  • S.U.P
  • Snorkelling
  • Go Pro Camera