Kythnos Cruise

An amazing cruise defying the winds and melodies of the Aegean going to the best and windless beaches of the island!

12:00 Departure from Merihas
Wear your best swimsuit, your glasses and put on some sunscreen. Now you are ready for an excursion to the most popular beaches of northwestern Kythnos. The Inflatable Boat Tour Begins !!

12:30 Myrsinia beach
Now we are approaching the northwestern part of Kythnos and slow down to enjoy the beauty of the island.
At this beach you can admire the pure colors of nature while sunbathing and why not swimming in the crystal clear waters of the Aegean. (Ability to Use Snorkelling, S.U.P, Drone, Go Pro)

13:40 Kolona beach
It is one of the most impressive beaches of the Cyclades since it is wet on both sides. Arriving with our boat, we have the opportunity to explore all its beauty and swim in one of its small creeks where gushing hot waters. (Ability to Use Snorkelling, S.U.P, Drone, Go Pro)

14:50 Apokrousi Beach
A boat ride on our boat from the largest beach on the island of Costa-Costa Enjoying the small caves of this large bay of the island of Kythnos.

15:00 Vriokastro – Ancient Kythnos
A point of reference for the island of Kythnos as it was at this point Ancient Kythnos. An extremely touristy spot that can only be visited by boat. Apart from its beauty as a landscape, what stands out is the turquoise waters. The seabed can easily be discerned within the boat. (Ability to Use Snorkelling, S.U.P, Drone, Go Pro)

16:10 Episkopi Beach
A stroll from the Episcopal beach cannot be missed from our excursion. The beach of Episkopi is one of the most crowded beaches with blue water and spreads in front of the homonymous settlement overlooking the closed Ormos.

16:20 Shipwreck
Passing through the most popular beaches on the northwest side of this magnificent Cycladic island, we reach a bay just before Martinique to see a small wreck. An old boat that is just 6 meters deep and is suitable for the most memorable underwater photos.

17:00 Arrival at Merichas

Cruise Facilities - All Inclusive

  • Cruises can be customized according to customer’s preferences
  • There is the option of Departure from your destination at an extra charge
  • Fuels are included in the price in pre-configured cruises
  • Already in cruises the boat includes Water, Soft drinks, Juice, Snacks, as well as marine equipment
  • Music
  • Sundeck
  • Bathroom staircase
  • Shower
  • S.U.P
  • Snorkelling
  • Go Pro Camera