Great White Faethon 800

In a niche for the home market, and not only, the new Great White Sport Cabin combines unique comfort and performance features that certainly can’t go unnoticed. The secret of his sailing, of course, lies beneath the surface of the sea and is nothing more than 100% handmade, like the ship’s hull, after all.

A particularly deep hull (half a meter maximum draft) V-shaped with 58 ° deadrise on the bow ending at 22 ° on the bonnet and ensures safety and dry navigation without second-hand performance. For passengers it features a comfortable layout with leather sofas in a bow-stern and a wet bar on the back of the central management console
100% handmade hull-deck, cockpit lights, complete, electrical installation, double battery switch, two holders, 125 lt water tank, 335lt.Teak platform fuel tanks, bathrobe, freshwater shower, international sun lamp, oversized lamp fastening straps (4), stainless steel (Inox 316) all over the boat, large anchor wrench, Lean Bar driver-passenger seat with fresh water sink and inox handles. .

Video Great White Faethon 800

Characteristic of Great White Faethon 800

  • Overall length 7,85 meters
  • Overall width 2.30 meters
  • Internal width 1.36 meters
  • Isalos Length (empty) 6.48 meters
  • Weight (without machine) 1250 + -20 kg
  • Fuel tank capacity 335 liters
  • Water tank capacity of 98 liters
  • Cruise speed at Nodes 30-35 miles
    Top speed 55 miles
    Capacity 8 people
  • Αnchor electrician,
  • Exterior shower
  • fridge, sun lounger,
  • sunbathing, bathrobe,
  • 8-inch GPS,
  • VHF, bluetooth radio and all the necessary rescue equipment.