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1. Are the cruises private?

Deltaboats’s policy is to offer only private cruises-secluded beaches that are not accessible by any other means. This gives you the opportunity to enjoy time on the boat only you and your company and to fill images that will be truly unforgettable. after all, it is something that we have achieved for many years with great success and we have the best reviews from our customers and partners!

2. is it possible to rent a boat without a skipper?

Deltaboats provides boats to cover all customers with every requirement but also for all wallets. The dynamic boats of delta are rented only with the company’s skipper but we have boats for those who have a speedboat pilot license but also for those who do not have a speedboat pilot license and are over 18 years old.


I have a boat operator license – Falcon 700 XS
I don’t have a boat operator license – Compass 150cc

3. What should I have with me before leaving by boat?

Deltaboats team has taken care of you for your complete comfort so you will only need your personal items. Our boats provide bottled water, snacks, juices, beers, drinks and food in case you have requested it during your booking. The equipment of our boats has a high standard sound system, free Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, mp3, 12v charging station, fridge, outdoor shower on board.

4. can you come pick me up from the beach of my hotel?

In case you do not wish to come to the port to start your cruise from there then you will call us to tell us which hotel you are staying in and if the hotel beach is accessible and friendly to your boarding then yes it can be done

5. What kind of boat are the cruises on?

Delatbotas’ fleet are basically inflatable (rib rigid inflatable boats). What does thismeans? Inflatables are performance boats that provide great safety to passengers and can cope with very bad weather conditions. These boats have become very popular because they are considered submerged even if they get water.

6. we have children in the family. will we feel safe?

Families love the island of Kythnos very much, so our customers are usually parents with small children. Believe us that parents will have as good a time as their young children. Our boats provide great safety and comfort that you will understand and feel comfortable from the first moment. Our friendly staff will always welcome you with a smile, will arrange your things, will give you some instructions and your walk will start immediately . Our cruises are designed so that they are not affected even on the days when we are greeted by the so-called meltemia. Your trip will be enjoyable without worrying about your young children for a moment

7. is there any marine equipment we can use?

Of course there is! Our boats are equipped with water toys which are cleaned before and after each use. Some of them are snorkel masks, flippers, action camera, drone, sea scooter and sup. So you have the opportunity to explore every beach we visit to play with your friends and enjoy your cruise making it unique and unforgettable.

Delta Boats Rental

Delta Boats Rental is a Yacht & Tourist Service company that has been active in boat rental in the magnificent Kythnos for years. The Company owns privately owned vessels for every taste, and every need for every individual customer.

The vision, the desire, the love of the sea and the pleasure of exploring, led us to create Delta Boats Rental so that everyone can enjoy and enjoy the beauty of our country.

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Merichas - Kythnos - Greece
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