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Romantic Sunset Cruise

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The Beauty of Kythnos is in public view

Merichas, Mirsinia Beach, Kolona Beach, Apokrousi Beach, Vriokastro – Ancient Kythnos (Kythnos Island, Greece)


At a glance

Discover the magnificent sunsets of Kythnos

  • Merichas
  • Mirsinia Beach
  • Kolona Beach
  • Apokrousi Beach
  • Merichas
  • Merichas

Detailed Cruise

Merichas.This time we invite you to discover the magnificent sunsets of Kythnos. Embark on one of our boats and relax and get ready for your best experience. You may fall in love again.

Mirsinia Beach. Now we are approaching the northwestern part of Kythnos and slow down to enjoy the beauty of the island. At this beach you can admire the pure colors of nature while sunbathing and why not swimming in the crystal clear waters of the Aegean. (Ability to Use Snorkelling, S.U.P, Drone, Go Pro)

Kolona Beach. It is one of the most impressive beaches of the Cyclades since it is wet on both sides. Arriving with our boat, we have the opportunity to explore all its beauty and swim in one of its small creeks where gushing hot waters. (Ability to Use Snorkelling, S.U.P, Drone, Go Pro)

Apokrousi Beach. A boat ride on our boat from the biggest beach of the island
Costa-Costa Lazing around the small caves of this large bay on the island of Kythnos.

Vriokastro – Ancient Kythnos. A point of reference for the island of Kythnos as it was at this point Ancient Kythnos. An extremely touristy spot that can only be visited by boat. Apart from its beauty as a landscape, what stands out is the turquoise waters. The seabed can easily be discerned within the boat. (Ability to Use Snorkelling, S.U.P, Drone, Go Pro)

Cruise Facilities

    • Cruises can be customized according to customer’s preferences
    • There is the option of Departure from your destination at an extra charge
    • Fuels are included in the price in pre-configured cruises
    • Already in cruises the boat includes Water, Soft drinks, Juice, Snacks, as well as marine equipment
    • Music
    • Sundeck
    • Bathroom staircase
    • Shower
    • S.U.P
    • Snorkelling
    • Go Pro Camera

    Great experience! The boat and beaches was perfect!The captain was very friendly and played awesome music… I highly recommend it!!


    Delta Boats Rental

    Delta Boats Rental is a Yacht & Tourist Service company that has been active in boat rental in the magnificent Kythnos for years. The Company owns privately owned vessels for every taste, and every need for every individual customer.

    The vision, the desire, the love of the sea and the pleasure of exploring, led us to create Delta Boats Rental so that everyone can enjoy and enjoy the beauty of our country.

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    Merichas - Kythnos - Greece
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