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Kleftiko-Polyaigos-Kimolos Cruise

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The perfect cruise combining 3 wonderful Islands in just one day

Merichas, Mylos-Kleftiko Beach, Polyaigos, Kimolos (Kythnos, Kleftiko and Kimolos Islands, Greece)


At a glance

Departure from Merichas. Wear your best swimsuit, your glasses and put on some sunscreen. Now you are ready for an excursion to the most popular beaches of northwestern Kythnos. The excursion with an inflatable boat beggins!!

  • Merichas
  • Mylos-Kleftiko Beach
  • Polyaigos
  • Kimolos

Detailed Cruise

Mylos-Kleftiko Beach. The most popular destination and the most spectacular to visit is the Island of Milos. Kelftiko known to all is an old pirate stronghold, a wild landscape with many caves. Crystal clear waters. Their approach is only by boat. Milos’ Kleftiko is one of the most photographed parts of the Greek Islands and is located at the southwestern tip of Milos. The complex of impressive rocks created over the years by the air and the sea in the blue Aegean waters which are the trademark of Milos. On these magnificent Aegean beauties, you can explore the secrets of the Island by swimming in the fantastic waters of Kleftiko, entering all the beautiful caves.

Polyaigos-Blue water Beach. The largest uninhabited Island is Polyaigos. Just a few miles between Milos and Kleftiko. A virgin landscape with pristine beaches. If one is given the opportunity to explore this island inland, he will discover that the Island was actually never uninhabited… The beach that you will visit has the clearest water with the possibility to explore the seabed even at a depth of 20 meters. There you will be able to wear the masks provided by our boat to turn on the sea-scooter switch and explore all these beauties that will really thrill you.

Kimolos- “To Kima” Restaurant. This is a famous tavern on the beach with chef. A restaurant that was founded 28 years ago and it is famous to many people who visit the southern Aegean by boat. The staff of the tavern is mainly family oriented with great experience in the field of catering. Beautiful dishes, pure traditional ingredients and perfect cooking are what kept it at the top in the whole complex of these Islands.Some of their fantastic dishes are the kimuliatika bean beans, sour local cheese, grated trachanoto shrimp with fresh tomatoes, red mullet with marzipan cream.

The restaurant servs cooked and oily dishes, meat and of course fresh fish. Price ranges from 10-25e / person except drinks. You will listen to your preferable music and after a memorable boat and taste experience, you will return back to Merychas.

Cruise Facilities

    • Cruises can be customized according to customer’s preferences
    • There is the option of Departure from your destination at an extra charge
    • Fuels are included in the price in pre-configured cruises
    • Already in cruises the boat includes Water, Soft drinks, Juice, Snacks, as well as marine equipment
    • Music
    • Sundeck
    • Bathroom staircase
    • Shower
    • S.U.P
    • Snorkelling
    • Go Pro Camera

    Great experience! The boat and beaches was perfect!The captain was very friendly and played awesome music… I highly recommend it!!


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    The vision, the desire, the love of the sea and the pleasure of exploring, led us to create Delta Boats Rental so that everyone can enjoy and enjoy the beauty of our country.

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    Merichas - Kythnos - Greece
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