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Deltaboats Rental - Kolona Beach, Kythnos

Beaches Around Kythnos and Famous Kolona Beach

01. Kolona Beach

DeltaBoats Reantal - Kolona Beach

Kolona Beach is located on the northwest side of the island and has been characterized by the people who have visited it as the most beautiful beach of the Cyclades. It is geographically very close to the port but its access is relatively difficult, which makes it unique. One way to safely visit Kolona Beach is by sea, the beach of the column has clear blue and clear waters as well as thick golden sand. the strip of sand that joins the two beaches resembles a column, hence its name! Kolona Beach is a paradise for pleasure boats as it is leeward and protected from the Aegean winds and meltemias! At one end of the beach that joins a rocky island there is a small church of Saint Loukas, while there is a path to capture this magical landscape of the beach and the bay.

Of course, on Kolona Beach there is “Kolona Experience” restaurant where anyone can dine with a fantastic goddess and taste traditional products!

02. Naousa Beach

Naoussa Beach is located on the eastern side of the island. Its neighboring beaches are Kouri and Zogaki. Naoussa Beach is relatively well protected from the winds of the Aegean and its approach can be made either by land or certainly by sea. Naoussa Beach is known by its visitors for her the extraordinary goddess that it offers to the small church of the holy Merciful on the Peninsula. It’s distance from the village is about 6 km. Naoussa Beach is an ideal destination for those who want to enjoy a calm swim in deep blue waters.

03. Ammoudaki Beach

Deltaboats Rental - Ammoudaki Beach, Kythnos

Ammoudaki Beach is located on the eastern side of the island next to the beautiful Panagia Canal. It is an imaginary continuation of the well-known Megali Ammos beach that hosts a small picturesque harbor where fishing boats often moor. This beautiful beach fascinates its visitors with its crystal clear waters and the unique beauty offered by the pine trees, something that is not usual for the Cyclades. Anyone can visit Ammoudaki Beach by walking a path for just a few minutes! The special thing about this beach is the fact that due to its position it is sheltered from the wind in the summer months. The nearest settlement is the Kanala which holds several shops, taverns and bars within a small distance!

04. Flampouria Beach

Deltaboats Rental - Flampouria Beach, Kythnos
Flampouria Beach is located on the western side of Kythnos. hosts the homonymous church of Panagia Flampouriani. Its coast combines sand with pebbles. It is beeter for someone to avoid visit Flampouria Beach on foot, as it is a long distance from the port of Meriha. Its preferable by car through Dryopida since there is no coastal road that connects the port with the beach of Flampouria. On the southern part of the Flampouria Beach, some people are used to nudism, although it is not allowed. Please avoid such an habit, especially in the middle of the summer season because Flampouria Beach is loved by families!


05. Gaidouromantra Beach

Deltaboats Rental - Gaidouromantra Beach, Kythnos

Gaidouromantra Beach is located on the south side of the island. Gaidouromantra Beach has been characterized as an isolated beach but it will certainly be visited by all those who come to beautiful Kythnos Island. If someone asks how to get to Gaidouromantra Beach they will surely be disheartened as they have to cross a rather complicated isotope of dirt road and then go down some stairs! Despite this difficulty, Gaidouromantra Beach is a magnet for visitors to Kythnos who are looking for an unorganized beach to take a calm swim in clear blue waters suitable for snorkeling.

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